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Stanley tools – 100,000 sq feet of sheer terror

The old factory, situated at the heart of Sheffield is a 4 storey former tools factory and office block and one of the few remaining buildings in the hands of the ZI soldiers. This could be your only remaining safe haven.  Is anywhere safe? You decide whether you become the hunter or the hunted.
The zombies will be hunting you down – your task will be to survive the session and complete your objectives. We have sent the ZI soldiers to make sure the area is safe – last contact was over 24hrs ago.  Are they alive or dead?

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Soldiers were led here by Intelligence, this proved to be accurate.The Facility has been operational up to this very day, until something went wrong, field scouts report back that this locations movements have ceased, no movement inside the building and nobody coming or going.  What has happened inside?  You will be entering to find out.

Located in the city centre of Birmingham, minutes from the Bullring and the Mailbox, the Facility has hid away behind the facia of what appears to be a multi storey office block, but behind the thick concrete walls there is more than meets the eye.  We await you to join us and take this location.


NEW! West Bromwich – The Courthouse

Become a post apocalyptic Infection Rebel!

NEW from Zombie Infection comes a fast paced story driven experience set in an 18th century courthouse! The event mixes immersive theater, mind blowing action, escape room puzzles and movie quality realism over an adrenaline fueled 2 hour zombie frenzy.

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The Prison – Secure Zone Delta

A secure area taken by ZI Soldiers – Team Delta. They have locked down this building from the inside and are asking people to help them reinforce current blockades.They broadcast that the prison was secure but this was 10 days ago and we have been unable to speak to anyone since. At this time we presume all inside to be living until confirmed otherwise. You will be tasked to enter the prison and complete all missions before extracting your team from the location to continue the fight elsewhere. We ask that you proceed with extreme caution on this mission….we know this prison was used to house some of the deadliest Zombies while a cure was sought.




It is thought that this was the infection epicentre, abandoned soon after the outbreak; intel suggests that a ‘cure’ is also on site. Our ZI soldiers moved in at 13:00hrs and secured the perimeter. At 13:45hrs all communication had been lost – we can only anticipate multiple casualties.
We urgently require teams of volunteer survivors to continue what this team could not complete – to enter the hospital, locate all vital information to lead us to the cure and return with the soldiers. One word of warning; when contact was lost we received information that this was not just a normal hospital, it is believed that this location housed the criminally insane.