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Zombie Experience Gift Card

Zombie Experience Gift Card

The Ultimate Gift

There is nothing quite like giving somebody a zombie experience as a surprise. Hundreds of guests each year have the most amazing time at one of our unique venues across the UK becasue we don’t just create award winning immersive attractions, but ever lasting memories. So give that special somebody the chance to create their own memories facing our deadly hordes of zombies and grab your gift card for them today!


Newbury Lions Charity Fireworks

Newbury Racecourse – Halloween Special

2nd November 2019

For one night only ZI are taking the zombies to Newbury Racecourse in Berkshire on the Lions Charity Fireworks night for a scare maze special! The maze will see you explore the virus origins whilst escaping from the infected Jockeys! A fun night for all the fam.
A special Halloween event in Berkshire featured at Lions Charity Fireworks night.


Zombie Infection "The Prison" Special

Somerset  – The Prison CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!

Get Santa out of jail and through the infected this Christmas!

This Christmas we need to save the world… Santa Claus is on his way but before he can deliver the presents to all the good boys and girls he needs to shoot the shit out of some zombies and get out of jail!
A one off special this Christmas in the amazing Shepton Mallet Prison! This huge abandoned building? Drowned in darkness? Full of zombies? For 5 hours? Yes please!


The Courthouse - Birmingham

Birmingham  – The Courthouse

Become a post apocalyptic Infection Rebel!

Voted “Best Zombie Experience” at the national ScareCon Awards 2018 comes a fast paced experience set across an amazing 18th Century Courthouse. 
The event mixes immersive theater, mind blowing action, escape room puzzles and movie quality realism over an adrenaline fueled 2 hour zombie frenzy.  You’ll be thrown into a story that will have you fighting along side a post apocalyptic rebel group (The Infection Rebels) as you try to save their colleagues, expose HARVERTECH and rid the world of the deadly infection!


The WOrkshop Zombie Infection

Somerset – The Workshop

The Old Fashioned Vs The New Order

Its time to join the old fashioned as they take on the new order and the virus they so dearly protect! New for 2020 Zombie infection presents “The Workshop”. An exciting experience not to be missed attached to the famous Shepton Mallet Prison in Somerset.


Zombie Experience Liverpool, The Tower.

Liverpool  – The Tower

Join our Apocalyptic Soldier rescue mission!

Search and rescue has reached new heights, the Infection Rebel scum have captured the “The Tower” you must infiltrate, clear the base and avoid the undead at all costs! 
Think Die Hard, The Raid and 28 Days Later all in 2.5 hours of zombie action! This abandoned tower block places you right in the middle of a virus war. Do you and your team have what it takes to get the job done?


The Factory - Sheffield

sheffield – The Factory

Stanley tools – 120,000 sq feet of terror

Sheffield was a covert test site where an isolated ZI regiment were working to understand the behaviour & cognitive capacity of the infected. The site was set up to test the various ways the infected would navigate under sensory deprivation, maze running & assessing whether or not they could be weaponised. Since there was only a small security force on site, they were unable to contain the mass breakouts & almost instant regeneration of the infected.


The Forest - Nottingham

Nottingham – The Forest

Can you survive The Darkness for 6 hours?

The world has fallen, all supplies are gone, can you survive the night…? A dark forest rebel settlement in the unquarantined zone awaits your arrival. With nothing but the bag on your back, this is the ultimate test. 

Limited dates, must be physically fit, strictly no stag/hen/corporate groups allowed. This is not a game.


The Dungeon

York – The Dungeon 12+ | NEW FOR 2019

Tortured, Tormented, Trapped

NEW 2019 – The famous York Dungeons awaits only the bravest souls. If you were expecting the normal York Dungeons experience think again, the venue will be transformed into Harvertech’s testing facility with everything you’d expect in your worst nightmare!

Step inside The Dungeon in darkness and escape your fate!


The Asylum - Liverpool

LIVERPOOl – The Asylum


It is thought that this was the progenitor virus’ birth place, abandoned soon after the outbreak. Harvertech’s science division moved in at 13:00hrs and secured the perimeter. At 13:45hrs all communication had been lost – we can only anticipate multiple casualties to some of Harvertech’s top brains. We urgently require teams of survivors to complete a number of important objectives within these walls – to enter the hospital, locate all vital information to lead us to the cure and return with the science team.


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